Strength of structures and concrete with mesh support

Strength of concrete and structures with the help of "Mesh"
Sarah Asghari Mine December 18, 1397
Sara Asghari: Mesh or mesh lining, a grid composed of several metal strands of iron, fiber and other flexible or brittle materials.
The grid mesh is similar to a grid or puzzle that has many strings attached and woven. The major application of mesh lining is in large-scale construction projects for plowing. Of course, the makers of the mesh have a lot to do with the country's construction projects. This is explained by Amir Karami, director of development and marketing of Steel Industries Co., a grid manufacturer, in an interview with Samat, which goes on to read.
What is the mesh and what role does it play in structures?
The mesh is said to be a cross-sectional steel wire, which in fact is composed of slats and barrels. In other words, it is a metal net that is welded together. Of course, the market has different names and is used in many different ways.
If the mesh is not used in the structure, the structure will collapse and will not be strong enough. This is a mesh that holds the concrete tight. Therefore, many of these laces are handmade and are very important in the strength of the structure. Meshes are widely used in plasticization and road construction projects. The strength of many metro tunnels is due to the mesh used in it.
What sort of categorization can be considered for a variety of types?
The mesh is generally divided into two lightweight and lightweight categories; the light cortex is a leaf style that is used in the genre, and it is also called the rutile model, birdie and quail that is used for bird cages. For example, this kind of model in the Tehran Bird's Garden is also used for quail cages or some small birds that have smaller apertures and are tighter, because they are not woven from the warp and wool. Another model that is there are heavy weights, starting at 6 and up to 12 to 14. These types of mesh are used in building strength, shutter operations, fendering operations and in tunneling, roofs, parking lots and heavy structures. In the construction of the foundations or the bridge surface, they are used from leaves or sheets of concrete and sintered like concrete on it. Sometimes the thickness of the wire is in the size of 5 or 6, which is used in a steel deck or roof, or used in these "reinforced concrete" meshes, and in fact these concrete beams are armed and tightened, that is, a conventional gasket and Put on the mesh and put it on it again. This concrete is armed and reinforced and its fracture coefficient increases, then they are used in the construction of structures, tunnels and bridges.
Is special technology required to produce mesh?
The mesh technology is in fact the kind of boiling it will be the better it gets. On the other hand, when a metal crash is being prepared, it requires a more robust device that is also an important technology in this field. Another discussion is fence, whose technology goes back to the wire, and is used to make it of black rolled metal, which is galvanized and galvanized, and the product is a galvanized coil wire. The type of mesh application is very important. When the mesh is used for strengthening, the strength should be considered in making it.
How many mesh net manufacturers are operating in the country?
There are no more than 4 to 5 producers of tours in the country.
What are your most important problems as a producer?
One of our problems is that when we work with government departments, we are settling with us late, in other words, governments are not well-off, while we have the ability to participate with many government projects. Therefore, we need government support. We can be private sector suppliers, but governments are not happy.
Do you have an export market?
Our export market is Iraq. Of course, due to internal and external problems that we have with Iraq, we are faced with some degree of export mismanagement. One of our problems is that there is no external marketing space in Iraq. In Iraq, infrastructure is collapsing and needs to be rebuilt, hence the government must provide a gateway to this market. Currently, our competitor is Turkey, but the country produces a higher quality and lower quality mesh, but is capturing regional markets such as Georgia and Azerbaijan, while we have ordered from Germany. They have copied this product to us, while we have to take the Afghan market, and we want government support and the ministry of industry, mining, and commerce. Now, due to Qatar's hosting for the World Cup, we are seeing infrastructure in Qatar.
 In Qatar, many structures are under construction for these games, and this is a real market. Syria can also be a good market for us, but government rules leave us sticking to our government instead of helping to export.
What is your business on?
 Steel Steel Co., a steel mesh and lining producer, has participated in national projects, including the Tehran-North project, and has participated in many petrochemical, oil and gas projects. In fact, our complex is a steel holding and we have a factory in the bird, which, in addition to mesh production, also produces products like lace. Of course, the mesh is also a kind of metal mesh whose components are welded together, but the lining is welded and welded in some way with higher quality and precision.