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767/5000 A group of manufacturing and trading companies dealing with the production and distribution of various steel factories in 2006 according to their managers and managers based on the four principles of quality, quantity, cost, variety, and by preserving their previous achievements, created a unified unit and unit Named Alborz Group Companies. The Alborz Group is proud to produce and distribute all kinds of iron and metal products at the service of construction companies, contractors, mass makers and manufacturing factories. The group is also working with government and private sectors in some refineries, petrochemicals, mass...

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Crimped Wire Mesh

This product is used in a variety of industries, such as fencing, caging, meshing, sandblasting in mines and coal mills.

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chain link fence

Fence net or fence is one of the most used ironmongery products in a variety of agricultural landmarks, gardens, gyms and sports fields, buildings, airports, military centers, livestock and poultry centers, etc. Which has replaced traditional instruments such as stone and wood. The main advantages of this product are very popular, easy to transport and install, cost-effectiveness, flexibility in a variety of flat or steep terrain, high speed installation, durability and durability of the product, resistance Humidity, air temperature and so on

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Sirley Roly's fence

The major use of this kind of steel mesh is to build steels in construction. These grids are divided into three types of galvanized iron and steel. The type of lace iron is thicker than other types. Most standing stands are made of this kind of lace. This lace is a roll and is offered on a weight basis. Each square meter of this net is about 4 kilograms

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Dimensional fence

Steel Snood Lines Applications: - sand, mines, buildings and factories; - construction of resistant cages for wildlife; - industrial, construction, health, petrochemical, sports, agriculture, - use in construction and construction projects, - protection in areas Sensitive, such as garrisons, airports and military areas - Retrofitting gold and silver fences - Separation and aggregation in food and agricultural production lines

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Hexagonal wire netting

Chicken lace is very wide variety in terms of production type and is produced in various sizes and springs.

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European fence

This mesh is used to cover the ceiling of the niches, cement works and use in gardens and fields for temporary and low cost fencing. Pair with a 1/2 inch fountain and 2 inches with a diameter of 0.90 mm according to customer's requirements can be produced and supplied.

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مش (شبکه پیش جوش فولادی چیست
19Jan 2019

مش (شبکه پیش جوش فولادی چیست

شبکه پیش جوش فلزی یا توری مش مجموعه ی شبکه ای مربعی یا مستطیلی از میلگرد ها می باشد. میلگرد های طولی و عرضی در نقاط تقاطع به وسیله دستگاه های جوش به صورت نقطه ای و از نوع جوش سرد به همدیگر جوش داده می شوند. از شبکه پیش جوش فلزی همراه با شاتکریت برای ایجاد استحکام و جلوگیری از ریزش خاک در گود برداری، مسلح کردن سازه های بتنی،افزایش مقاومت کششی و پیشگیری از ترک سازه ای در کف سازی طبقات و کاربرد دارد و از مدرنترین و رایج ترین روش های حال حاضر می باشد.